The Merchant Navy or merchant marine is an organization comprising a fleet of ships that are registered in a country for commercial purpose only. The Merchant navy fleet is used for the transportation of cargo or passengers by sea to destinations around the world. These ships are constructed for commercial purposes for cargo stowage, transportation of oil, passengers etc. and are not fitted with armament like guns, missiles , etc keeping in view their role of carrying out trade with other countries .

The Indian Navy on the other hand is  geared to handle maritime security viz the protection of the Indian coastline from  foreign aggression as well as to protect India`s sea trade and sea based resources viz fishing, oil and mineral deposits, etc. Indian Navy ships are fitted with the latest weaponry which include long range guns, missiles, rocket launchers, anti-missile defence sensors and weapons, etc.

The Merchant Navy fleet mainly comprises of container ships, cargo liners, tankers, cruisers, passenger vessels and other types of seafaring vessels. Indian Navy ships comprises of warships like frigates, destroyers, aircraft carriers, submarines etc.

During times of war, the Indian Navy is also tasked with the additional role of envoy protection of merchant ships so that the country sea trade is not impacted.

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