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“Merchant Navy, NDA, Naval Academy, CDSE Entrance Coaching & SSB Training – Online & Class Room Sessions”

Below are few of our students who have been Sponsored by Shipping Companies and/ or successful in the NDA & Naval Academy UPS Exam thru our Coaching and Personality Development / Interview Training.

Would you like Merchant Navy Jobs where:

  • you are paid while you learn
  • you get the chance to travel the world at someone else’s expense
  • time off is measured in weeks and months
    – not just days
  • your days are challenging and rewarding
  • you can quickly gain responsibility and a salary to match
  • there is a lifetime of personal development opportunities

To become a merchant seafarer you need to undergo specialist training to achieve professional seafaring certification and educational qualifications. This takes place at sea, on board shipping companies’ vessels, and in specialist colleges and universities throughout India approved by the DG shipping. All programmes are sponsored, with course fees paid, living costs and other allowances provided.

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Merchant Navy, NDA, CDSE, Naval Academy Coaching
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