Oceanic Venture for All Your Merchant Navy CET, NDA Exam and SSB Training Needs

A pioneer in the field, Oceanic Venture is a professional exam coaching centre that provides coaching and training through online or regular classes for individuals with the desire to enter in the adventurous and challenging occupations in the Merchant Marine, Merchant Navy, Indian Navy, Indian Army, and Indian Air Force.


Preparation for Merchant Navy and Indian Armed Forces

 With superb faculties, this centre is renowned for preparing people for Merchant Navy Eligibility and Shipping Jobs. With SSB training, NDA exam preparation and Common Entrance Test (CET) coaching, Oceanic Venture offers its students the guidance needed to achieve their goals of a Merchant Navy Job. There are many benefits for individuals who join Merchant Navy.

  • The ability to earn money while you train.
  • Earn a Navy salary that is very high and can allow tax-free benefits while sailing with foreign companies.
  • With their short contracts of 3 – 6 months, individuals with shipping jobs can have longer vacations.
  • The adventure and challenge of travelling around the world.


Conducting Post Graduate Diploma (MBA in Shipping equivalent) of Shipping Jobs

Set up under the joint auspices of The Government of India and the Indian Shipping Industry, Oceanic Venture is the only study centre of Narottam Morarjee Institute of Shipping (NMIS) in South India. This offers students in Shipping Jobs to train and apply for a Post Graduate Diploma in Shipping Management (PGDISM). These classes are conducted by industry experts at the only Institution of India to give Professional Qualification in Commercial Shipping and allow for the professional associateship and fellowships.

Other Services Offered for Preparation of Navy Jobs

In addition to SSB training and NDA exam and IMU CET preparation, Oceanic Venture offers other programs to help you to prepare for a career in the Merchant Marine, Merchant Navy, Indian Navy, Indian Army, and Indian Air Force. These programs are designed to assist you in earning the high Navy salary and work in a field that you enjoy.

  • With the online and computer based training in modules and development, you will be head and shoulders above your peers.
  • The Digital Language Lab offers spoken English training.
  • The Personality Development gives the training in soft skills that puts you above the curve of others in the field.


Ocean Venture offers an excellent platform for training of perspective candidates of the ever growing maritime industry. It allows its student to reach high and obtain a prestigious position with the Merchant Marine, Merchant Navy, Indian Navy, Indian Army, or Indian Air Force. The training environment is an all-around learning management system that offers an engaging interactive experience for its students. Not just preparing people for Merchant Navy Eligibility, Ocean Venture offer its student a one stop solution to any Shipping Job they may aspire too.